A Cool part for my PilotAware

If like me you have built yourself a PilotAware you will have noticed just how hot the SDR (ADS-B 1090Mhz) dongle gets  and if you are thinking of building this into a case and then permanently wiring it in to your aircraft you may well be concerned!

I have also had one SDR (a Nooelec one) stop working which could be down to the heat or some other failure. Anyway searching for a low heat generating version lead me to:



It arrived quickly and i eagerly plugged it into the PilotAware to see if it would be detected and work and it did!


I have run this on the ground for around 3 hours and although it does get hot, I’m still able to keep my finger on it (not a scientific measurement!) whereas the previous one I could not. It also has the benefit of drawing less power too. The cost of the item was $16.95 including delivery to the UK and the customer service via email from Carl was great.

So for the fly test Sunday I flew with the new SDR and had no issues picking up other traffic all of which were duly plotted on my SkyDemon.

I would recommend the use of these for those building an all in one enclosure PilotAware using the Stratux or other case.

If the PilotAware team could have this made with a case I feel it would make good sense for them to supply this version of the SDR dongle as part of their starter kit.  

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