GA Cessna 172

Example Pre Start checklist 

Seat – Adjusted, rock seat to ensure it is locked.

Harness and Hatches – secured and correctly adjusted.

Parking Break – set on.

Avionics – turned off

Radio – turned off

Gauges – Undamaged

Controls – Full and free in the correct sense

Trim – Full and free, set for take-off

Cabin Air – controls off

Throttle nut – loose

Mixture – Full and free, set fully rich

Carb Heat – Full and free, set off/cold

Master switch – On

Circuit breakers/fuses – correct

Beacon – Set on

Fuel – On, select Both

Fuel Pump – On, if fitted

Primer – as required and then locked

Lookout – all clear, shout Clear Prop

Magnetos – turn to start