Our Pricing

Flying lessons:

From your first flight to your pilot’s license, it can all be done at Felthorpe.

Training in the school’s aircraft£159 per hour
Training using your aircraft / NPPL (M) License revalidation in your aircraft £90 per hour
Solo in your aircraft£63 per hour
Ground school £35 per hour
Written Exams £40 per exam
All training flights in the school’s aircraft are charged per minute as recorded on the Hobbs meter.

The lesson prices outlined above include pre-flight and post-flight briefings, with no additional charges for circuits conducted at our home airfield. Moreover, there is no surcharge for fuel, as we adhere to a transparent pricing policy.

Club Membership

After completing your third lesson, you are required to additionally obtain an associate membership at Felthorpe Flying Club, incurring an annual fee of £35. Upon achieving solo status, student pilot membership of Felthorpe Flying Club becomes mandatory, with an annual fee of £110. For details on the Felthorpe fees and the current rates, please visit their website.

 Gift Vouchers:

All our voucher pricing can be found here all voucher flights include membership to the Get Your Wings microlight club for the duration of the flight booked.

Book a lesson

To book a lesson simply contact us by one of the following methods: email flying@getyourwings.co.uk
Phone, WhatsApp or text: 07954-009996
if I don’t answer please message me, as I’m probably flying!