In addition to the flying Syllabus a number of microlight exams must be passed and these are:

Aviation Air Law

Aviation Meteorology

Aircraft Technical

Aviation Navigation

Human Performance Limitations

GST Information

Flight Radiotelephone Operator Licence (FRTOL) - Optional for Microlights if no radio is fitted, but I for one believe it is very beneficial to take, is the FRTOL. The train course for this for me was 2.5 days followed by the exams.

Below you'll find some links that may prove helpful in revising for your  microlight exams:

Flexwing Scotland has a good selection of free practice questions which are relevant to all Microlights https://www.flexwingscotland.co.uk/practice-exams/  

Island Microlight Club's free mock exams: Air LawMeteorology Aircraft Technical

Please note: while revising for my Aircraft technical exam I did find some incorrect answers given on the above site.