Gift Vouchers

Get Your Wings is your premier destination for microlight gift vouchers! Look no further if you’re searching for the perfect gift that combines thrill, adventure, and the joy of flight. Our vouchers allow recipients to experience the exhilaration of controlling an aircraft while enjoying breathtaking views.

We offer customisable flight routes, ensuring a personalised and unforgettable experience. Our gift vouchers come with a 9-month validity, allowing flexibility in scheduling. Whether you’re treating a loved one, rewarding an employee, or embarking on your aviation journey, our flying school guarantees a top-tier aviation experience.

With a focus on safety and individualised instruction, our microlight flights are suitable for beginners and experienced flyers alike.

All flight time accumulated with our vouchers can contribute towards obtaining a microlight pilot’s licence, making it a gift that keeps on giving. Feel confident in your choice with Get Your Wings, where every flight is an adventure and a step towards realising the dream of flight. If you prefer to sit back and enjoy some sightseeing, that’s okay too!

We can customise the flight route to accommodate your preferences, provided it can be achieved within the allotted voucher time and adheres to permissible flight routes.

All flight time logged with a voucher can contribute towards your licensure if you decide to advance and obtain your microlight pilot’s license.

The not so small, small print

We believe in transparency, so here are our terms and conditions in straightforward language:

  1. Quoted times are approximate, measured from engine start to engine shutdown.
  2. You must be aged 14 or over to fly.
  3. The weight limit is strictly 18 stone (114 kg) or under fully clothed.
  4. Participants must be mobile enough to enter and exit the aircraft unassisted.
  5. Proficiency in English is required to allow communication during flight and for the safety briefing.
  6. All vouchers come with a 9-month expiration period from the date of purchase. We recommend booking as soon as possible, as our ability to fly is contingent on the British weather conditions.
  7. If you need to reschedule your flight, kindly provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice
  8. Vouchers are non-refundable
  9. If you are recovering from an infectious disease, such as a cold or flu, we ask that you wait at least 5 days after symptoms have cleared before flying. In the case of COVID-19, please wait at least 10 days.

Upon purchasing a voucher

Within 48 hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday), you will receive an email to the address provided containing:

  • A printable 6×4″ image of the voucher (ideal for printing on photo paper)
  • An attachment outlining what to expect on the day of your flight and instructions for booking
  • A copy of the invoice for your records.

Should you require the voucher to be printed and posted, or prefer to collect it in person, please notify us via email immediately after your purchase.

If you prefer not to receive the above information via email, please contact us immediately after completing your purchase.

We aim to provide a seamless experience and look forward to assisting you with your booking.

Explore our gift vouchers below!

Joy of Flight

Discover the joy of flight with our 40-minute voucher, offering a chance to savour scenic views and experience the thrill of controlling and piloting the aircraft as we head out towards the North Norfolk coast.

Tailored for individuals who have never flown before and have a desire to embrace the adventure of flight, this voucher promises a memorable experience.

Bring your camera phone for a photo beside the aircraft upon your return!

Joy of Flight


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Blakeney Point

Extending the chance for hands-on experience, the Blakeney Point Flight offers an extended period of excitement. With our 1-hour voucher, usually taking you to Blakeney Point, you can savour breathtaking views akin to the one opposite. This duration mirrors the standard length of a flying lesson, which grants you a genuine taste of what it’s like to learn to fly making it the ideal gift for someone considering learning to fly. A camera phone is a definitely must for this flight!

Blakeney Point


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The Aviator

Take the controls as we fly out to Cromer Lighthouse and then on to Blakney Point in this 90-minute adventure with stunning views of the North Norfolk coast. By the end of the 90-minute adventure, most people will be comfortable with the basic control techniques.

This is best gifted to someone who has experienced flight in a light aircraft before.

The Aviator


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Aspiring Pilot

If you or an aspiring aviator in your life is committed to mastering the art of flight, our Aspiring Pilot gift package offers a sneak peek into the complete course. The package comprises two 1-hour lessons, which can be scheduled consecutively or at separate times, along with pre-flight and post-flight briefings, and your very own logbook to record the start of your journey.

Aspiring Pilot


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