Uncertified GPS Testing or just checking the output from your transponder

06 May 2022Updated version 1.0.11a, Fix installation error caused by a Microsoft Windows updates.

21 March 2022

Updated version of transponder Report is here, this version has a fix pertaining to only running in offline mode. The ping service provided is no longer in service. Thus the application now checks network status at startup using Google. There is also a new configuration option to bypass this check.

9 July 2020

Updated version of transponder Report is here, this version has a few minor bug fixes pertaining to the loading of the application, enhanced logging and two major enhancements; the reception of both DF18 used by CAP1391 (SkyEcho and others) and ground messages used by different transponders and SkyEcho too.

Issue relating to not being able to run the application in the background when there is no internet connection, fixed.

Issue with the application leaving an icon in the notification area when no SDR is found, fixed.

Transponder Report

I have been hard at work building a test application for transponders and helping people gain their approvals needed from the BMAA and LAA for the connection of an uncertified GPS to a transponder giving ADS-B Out capability, which in turn helps other aircraft and ATC see your position more precisely then without a GPS.

I have helped a number of people fit these devices now and truly believe every one fitted helps us all fly more safely.

Up until now, you needed PilotAware to gain the approval needed after fitting the GPS. PilotAware is great in the air and this application doesn’t replace PilotAware or the great benefits it brings, nor in my opinion, does having the ADS-B out, I have both. ADS- B Out for me is better used with a GPS mouse or unit as it boots up quicker and is not reliant on software on a Micro SD card and other components, thus it is inherently more reliable. But ADS-B out is not PilotAware and doesn’t give you sight of other traffic. combining both ADS-B Out and PilotAware gives you both, it enables you to see and be seen!

But whatever you use as you ADS-B Out GPS source feeding into your transponder you will want to know that it is working, sending the correct information and have it approved, this is where my application comes into play.

The application is provided without warranty and is free to use for all, it is intended for use on the ground only and only as an application to confirm your transponder settings.

This application utilises the RTL SDR DLL and is possible thanks to the great work by the people at https://osmocom.org/projects/rtl-sdr/wiki

You can download it here Transponder Report   as a ZIP file, within the zip is the setup file “TransponderReport_setup-11-0-0-11a.exe” which you will need to run.

Minimum requirements to run the application:

  • Windows 7 or above Windows 10 (prefered)  64bit)
  • Microsoft .Net 4 full client (normally already installed, but if not it’s a free download from the Microsoft site
  • Microsoft C++ runtime again free and downloadable from Microsoft’s website
  • SDR – An RTL based  USB TV tuner dongle (around £20 from eBay)

Note: An SDR with both an RTL demodulator and tuner (e.g. RTL2832U and R820T or R820T/2, which has a frequency range of 24 – 1766 MHz)  is needed, some SDRs are increasingly using Fitipower FC0012 which has a frequency range of 22 – 948.6 MHz, so can’t tune to 1090MHz! This will give an error saying “Failed to set centre frequency”. I have not tried the Fitipower FC0013 which should cover the ADS-B frequency (1090MHz) as it stated range is 22 – 1100 MHz.

Please read this document. Here is a document that tells you how to install and use the application as well as an FAQ.

Known issues:

  1. Recently I have had 2 people report “Device locked” error message, selecting ok allows them to continue to the application.

In the settings tab selecting the second SDR (the dropdown menu may reveal two identical listings. but it is imperative you select the second, lower one) allows the software to work. Currently, I’m unable to recreate this issue so there is no fix available.

2. Some people have reported the error:  Unable to load RTLSDR.DLL error.

This is normally an issue on a new PC and is caused by the lack of C++runtime and other dependencies often found on PC. To fix this please ensure you have the Microsoft C++ 64 bit Runtimes installed. If the problem still exists download the following Zip file and unzip it then copy the contents into “C:\Program Files (x86)\GetYourWings Transponder Rpt” replacing the existing files if prompted.  Cant_Open_Fix.zip

If you run the software please let me know how it goes.

Screenshot from the application below:

The previous version is downloadable here TransponderReport_setup1006