Uncertified GPS Testing or just checking the output from your transponder



I have been hard at working building a test application for transponders and helping people gain their approvals needed from the BMAA for the connection of an uncertified GPS to a transponder giving ADS-B Out capability, which in turn helps other aircraft and ATC see your position more precisely then without a GPS.

I have help a number of people fit these devices now and truly believe every one fitted helps us all fly more safely.

Up until now you needed PilotAware to gain the approval needed after fitting the GPS. PilotAware is great in the air and this application doesn't replace PilotAware or the great benefits it brings, nor in my opinion does having the ADS-B out, I have both. ADS- B Out  for me is better used with a GPS mouse or unit as it boots up quicker and is not reliant on software on an Micro SD card and other components, thus it is inherently more reliable. But ADS-B out is not PilotAware and doesn't give you sight of other traffic. combining both ADS-B Out and PilotAware gives you both, it enables you to see and be seen!

But whatever you use as you ADS-B Out source feeding into your transponder you will want to know that it is working and sending the correct information and have it approved, this is where my application comes into play.

The application is provided without warranty and is free to use for all, it is intended for use on the ground only and only as an application to confirm you transponder settings.

You can download it here TransponderReport_setup1006  as a ZIP file, within the zip is the setup file "TransponderReport_setup.exe" which you will need to run.

Minimum requirements to run the application:

  • Windows 7 or above (Windows 10 64bit preferred)
  • Microsoft .Net 4 full client (normally already installed but if not it's a free download from the Microsoft site
  • An RTL based  USB TV tuner dongle (around £10 from eBay)

Please read this document. Here is a document that tells you how to install and use the application as well as an FAQ.

If you run the software please let me know how it goes.

Screen shot from the application below: