NPPL(SSEA) & LAPL(A) Syllabus

Microlight to Light Aircraft Conversion

Conversion from NPPL(M) to NPPL(SSEA)

You must carry out such SSEA conversion training as is judged necessary by the flying instructor conducting the training to achieve the required standard for the applicant to take the NPPL NST and GST in a SSEA, normally this is about 10 hours.

The training must include:

1.  Not less than 1 hour of dual instrument appreciation
2.  2 hours stall awareness/spin avoidance training
3. Differences training for Microlight pilots whose Microlight flying has been solely on flexwing aircraft
4. Not less than the 32 hours required minimum total flight time for the NPPL with SSEA Class Rating, which may be a combination of both Microlight and SSEA flying.
5. Pass the JAR-FCL PPL (A) theoretical examination in Aircraft (General)
6. Pass the JAR-FCL PPL (A) theoretical examination Principles of Flight
7. Hold a valid NPPL Medical Declaration or JAA Class 1 or 2 medical certificate
8. Pass the NPPL NST
9. Pass the GST in a SSEA

For the holder of a NPPL (M) with operating restrictions, the requirements shall further include:
1. The whole of the navigation training required for the NPPL with SSEA Class Rating
2. The completion of a minimum of 10 hours total solo flying which may be a combination of Microlight and SSEA flying.

keeping the SSEA:

HOLDERS OF MORE THAN ONE NPPL CLASS RATING. The holder of more than one NPPL Aeroplane Class rating may use experience gained in aircraft of all NPPL Classes towards the revalidation by experience of any one Class however the minimum flight time required to revalidate by experience in any particular Class is 1 hour as Pilot in Command or 1 hour of flying training with an instructor in that Class. Details of experience required for multiple rating holders are published in CAP 393 Schedule

Note: If you only hold the SSEA rating without a Microlight rating on your NPPL you cannot fly Microlights

The SSEA and SLMG Class Ratings do not entitle the holder to fly microlights. If you only hold a NPPL with a SSEA or SLMG Class Rating you must add a Microlight Class Rating if you want to fly microlights. Hours flown in any Class can be used towards maintaining other NPPL Class Ratings.

Conversion from NPPL(SSEA) to LAPL(A).
Note this option is no longer available

1. Gain a LAPL medical or class 1 or 2 Medical 
2. Complete the paperwork exercise on the CAA website.

Note: to keep your LAPL your hours must be on type.

Unlike the NPPL(SSEA) the LAPL allows you to fly Annex ii aircraft with only difference training, Annex ii includes Microlights.