It’s been a while since i have posted and I plan to start posting about some of my flights and video and how to achieve video without prop strobe (use an ND8!), but today I started the first part of the final exam I need FRTOL.
A wet and windy day so no flying to post about and a longer then usual drive to the airfield. being a bank holiday weekend, the drive was also slow due to caravans, tractors and horses, however I made to the airfield in time, just!
As it was a no flying day my instructor had asked if I wanted to do some of my FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephone Operator Licence) it’s not a quick one to do the training and exams take around 2.5 days, but it’s the last part I need to get.
So a long day was spent in the classroom and around 18:00 I took and passed the theory part. now i need to lean and practice for the practical exam. unlike the other exams this is the same exam you need to fly and operate a radio in a 747 or a Microlight.
the exam its self was only 12 questions in length, but it is set by the CAA and has 4 option for each question, all 4 sound plausible so you do have to apply brain power and to help put the pressure on you you get 20 mins to complete it.
I will be adding a set of revision notes for the exam in due course probably once i have attempted and hopefully passed the practical exam.


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