My first ever flight and why I love flying

My first ever flight was a long time ago in a Cessna 152 from Booker Airfield, now known as Wycombe Air park ( I was just 21 and had decided to go on holiday to visit my Aunt and uncle in Australia, a now estranged friend said that my first ever flight should not be all the way to Australia in case I didn’t like flying and that we should book up a trail lesson at a nearby airfield so I could experience flight! We were only 21 then and it seemed to make good sense, so we both booked up a lesson and off we went, of course now I look back at it there was no comparison between flying in a 152 and on 747, but we were young.

The lesson was good, from what I can remember, the pilot was a retired RAF person and I enjoyed the experience; however it was not until a few weeks later when I was flying to Australia on a British Airways 747 with Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygène, Part 1 blaring in my ears from my Sanyo Walkman style cassette player, while I was gazing out of the window at the broken white clouds that flying seemed magical and that memory has stayed with me to this day some 29 years later at the time of writing this my first ever blog entry.

This is how I fell in love with flying, how did you?

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