A very busy day at Turweston

A visit to Turweston

I had been meaning to take my daughter flying again for sometime, but with instructing and inspecting, time has been scarce!


Today was the day, but the wind was forecast to be gusting 15kts and 90 degrees across the runway, bang on the limit of the C42. However  as I needed to practice my crosswind landings I decided to go, after all I could always go-around if I didn’t like it and have another go before giving up and bugging out!

At Chatteris I PPR’d (Called for permission to land, Prior Permission Required), this was granted, then the guy said to keep a good lookout as they have two different fly-ins happening today,  I normally prefer a quiet destination.

The person who had our aircraft before me was late back, not his fault as he got caught by a couple of parachute drops, a hazard of flying from Chatteris.


The flight over was without event, PilotAware and SkyDemon were on top form and helped me keep the good lookout requested, which is also normal practice.

I joined downwind with other aircraft Joining crosswind, overhead, downwind and long final, this was going to be “fun”.

Silverstone Race track is adjacent to the downwind join for 09

As it happens the circuit was uneventful. I was high on final and with very little headwind I had to side slip to get down.

I must have had someone faster behind, as I heard them call going around as I was rounding out. This always use to worry me, but you just need to focus on flying and landing your aircraft. They are behind so its up to them to provide the appropriate separation and if they don’t or can’t its their fault not yours.

Santa Pod Drag strip on-route

On my three visits to Turweston I have always found the guys in the tower and on the radio to be excellent and very welcoming, as were the marshals and restaurant staff today. It has been a pleasure to fly there each time and I will be back for some more cake in the future!

On our return we had a Chipmunk push in front of us as we were waiting to go in the warm up area, but that’s fine  he was burning a lot more fuel then us!

On-in-all a very enjoyable day spent with my daughter #FatherDaughterTime!

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