e-Go reaches significant point in its funding

On the 11th December 2013 e-Go launched on www.SyndicateRoom.com to allow its many supporters and anyone else interested, the opportunity to become a shareholder and part of its exciting development journey.

They recently broke the £500,000 barrier, Malcolm Bird of e-Go told Clear Prop “we would like to raise £800k but can run a reasonable plan with £650k. The £500k is just a milestone towards our goal”. A number of news articles have incorrectly report that e-Go has met its target, while its true they have made great progress they are currently a little short, which is good news of anyone wanting to invest in this amazing aeroplane.

On SyndicateRoom.com e-Go state “e-Go aeroplanes is creating the striking, new, very lightweight e-Go aircraft. It will cost dramatically less to fly than traditional aircraft and is a design-led product for discerning pilots who relish new experiences. It uses novel technologies for performance yet achieves a low cost of development and operation by exploiting the newly deregulated environment in the UK. Interest in the product is high and we already have first deposits for aircraft which will be delivered in 2015.”

We hope they make it soon as we look forward to seeing the e-Go flying in the skies near us.

Pictures reproduced with the kind permission of e-Go Aeroplanes


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