Officially a Flying Instructor Restricted

I’m always total underwhelmed when I receive a CAA license, you put in many days and pay “loads of money” and you get back a little piece of paper with it printed on, not even a picture!

But that said I’m overjoyed that I can now teach people how to fly as I have my Flying Instructor (Restricted) rating for Microlights on my licences, it only took the CAA 37 day’s to add the rating!

Also I quite like that my renewal years are consecutive 2019, 2020 & 2021, but I guess that says more about me then any think else! 


If anyone would like to book up a lesson or a trial flying lesson, I’m only teaching at weekend but please contact my CFI via the link below, oh and remember to mention !

2 Replies to “Officially a Flying Instructor Restricted”

  1. Hi,

    just like to congratulate you on your great and very informative website.

    I am also contemplating starting AFI training and your Blogs are a refreshing change to the bland info the flying schools offer. I would be very interested to hear the continuation of the journey, i. e. how do you like training students, do you use your own aircraft, what percentage can you expect from the flying school, the learning curve, etc. (maybe another blog 🙂


    1. Hi Bryan,
      thank you for your kind words, it always means a lot to me when people take the time to comment. And great idea re doing an update on progress, I will look to do that in the near future. In the meanwhile if you want a chat about it feel free to contact me via the contact page and we can have a call!

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