Rain stops play and I’m not at Wimbledon!

Not a lot to write about today sadly, I arrived early at the flying club in case we were to do another cross country flight, however the weather was closing in to the extent that we first considered me going solo on a navigation exercise, next we considered solo to practice emergency landings and we ended up with a dual lesson flying circuits! This was good as this still remains in my opinion my weakest area and it is probably the most important one!

We set off on runway 01 and left the circuit to south east to see what the options were, the cloud base was a little over 1,500ft, but we could see heavy rain coming in from that direction so we returned to the circuit and managed to get 4 circuits in before the rain reached us. The first was not too bad, the second I left the power on too long and found myself high, I had made my mind up that I should just over fly and go around, but I was not as high as I had thought and could have made a normal land just a little further down the runway, however with my mind thinking no I made a bit of a hash of it! I was more composed on the next two which were both ok and by this time the rain was here so we taxied back and parked up just 30 mins after breaks off.

The rain coming our way looked bad, so I put the aeroplane in the hanger and gave it a quick wipe down before leaving.

And so ended the day with very heavy rain and not a lot to write about!

My next lesson, weather permitting, should be a dual to Boston and then a solo to Boston, hope I can find my way back!


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